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iDrum version 1.7 now available

iZotope has updated iDrum to version 1.7, and it’s a free update for registered iDrum users! iDrum 1.7 incorporates useful new features like support for time signatures other than 4/4 and a simple-to-use song editor that allows you to easily chain patterns together. iDrum now features two separate humanize controls, a “Groove” control and a Swing control, giving you more control over the feel of your beats.

iZotope iDrum now on Windows

The simple-to-use, powerful drum machine from iZotope is now Windows XP and Vista ready. iDrum adds a full-featured beat box to your Windows- or Mac-based studio. Start with hundreds of professional drum samples, or load your own WAV or AIFF files to build your own kits. Whether you’ve a pro or beginner, iDrum has you covered.

iZotope acquires iDrum and pHATmatik PRO

IZOTOPE is proud to announce the acquisition of the iDrum and pHATmatik PRO virtual instruments from creator Art Gillespie (Glaresoft). pHATmatik PRO provides unique loop manipulation features for performance and editing, and iDrum combines the fun and simplicity of hardware drum machines with the flexibility of software.