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Lexicon PCM96 Software Update for Snow Leopard OS

Lexicon has announced its latest software update with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility for the PCM96 and PCM96 Surround Reverb/Effects Processors. In addition, the release updates the networking stack and audio drivers which increases performance and stability, and reduces the latency when controlling the processors through the plug-in interface and streaming audio over FireWire.

Lexicon PCM96/PCM96 Surround v3.2.0.1 (Mac) update

A new version of the of the PCM96 and PCM96 Surround software v3.2.0.1 (Macintosh Only) is now released and available for download on the website. The Lexicon PCM96 team has continued to enhance the Hardware Plug-In function to increase the software stability and performance. Software version represents a major overhaul of the streaming and control functionality to make it less processor intensive.

Lexicon introduces surround version of PCM96 processor

Lexicon today introduced its PCM96 Surround Reverb/Effects Processor. The Surround version delivers 50 new and legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays and modulation effects, while at the same time offering more presets, configuration options and additional inputs and outputs. Designed for the modern studio, the PCM96 Surround can function as a control-only insert or FireWire streaming audio plug-in inside any Mac VST or Audio Units software.

Lexicon PCM96 Software Update

A new version of the PCM96 software v3.0.0.7 (Macintosh Only) is now released and available for download. Lexicon is continuing to improve the PCM96 with the addition of new functionality and DAW support along with enhancements to make the software platform more stable and reliable.