Lexicon PCM Series updates available

The Lexicon PCM Series has earned the reputation of being the best reverb processors in the world. Lexicon’s dedication to improving their products and the customer’s experience continues with this most recent update for the PCM92, PCM96 and PCM96 Surround hardware units.

Updating your hardware will increase network discovery speeds, improve FireWire streaming stability and give you new ability to change driver buffer settings without rebooting your machine.

Something that Lexicon are especially excited about are the new MIDI capabilities. Now you will be able to assign unique MIDI channels to individual machines, or, have the ability to NOT assign channels for MIDI network optimization. This means you can now use up to 16 boxes on a MIDI interface.

To make this update as seamless as possible, please take time to review the Update Guide and Helpful Hints documents provided in the Quick Links menu. Lexicon realize that each studio is unique in set-up, and these guides will assist you in customizing your studio with great tips and advice pertinent to this update.


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