Lexicon PCM96 Software Update

A new version of the PCM96 software v3.0.0.7 (Macintosh Only) is now released and available for download. Lexicon is continuing to improve the PCM96 with the addition of new functionality and DAW support along with enhancements to make the software platform more stable and reliable.

New Functionality:
1. A new set of pitch algorithms have been included. The new pitch shift algorithms in the PCM96 support both practical shifting and shifting for special effects.
* The VSO Pitch algorithm can be used to help bring that choir up to pitch or to correct the pitch shift created by common video conversions-all the while maintaining a solid stereo image.
* The Multivoice Pitch algorithms combine multiple shifters with Lexicon’s powerful delay architecture to create climbing pitch ladders, shifted echoes, voice doublers, along with many other wild or subtle effects.
2. PCM96 plug-in compatibility with SteinbergĀ® Cubase and Nuendo. (Cubase LE4 has been extensively tested)

Problems fixed in Ver
1. The PCM96 discovery speed has been increased significantly with improved stability.
2. The PCM96 Streaming Driver stability has been improved.
3. PCM96 front panel hangs have been eliminated.
4. Fixed backward compatibility problems.
5. Fixed automation hangs/crashes.
6. Eliminated many DAW hangs and crashes.
7. 88.2 kHz streaming sessions are working.
8. Plug-ins work properly on Mac’s with multiple users

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