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Summer news from Linplug

Albino 3 is right around the next corner. More than 3000 Musicians cant wait to get their hands on this amazing Synthesizer, full of exciting Rob Papen presets. It will be available in June 2006, right from the start for Intel-based Macs, and of course PC, as an Audio Unit, VST plugin and RTAS (Mac only) plugin.

4 updates from Linplug

LinPlug has updated SaxLab to v1.0.1 and released a beta version of an RM IV update – v4.1.2. The demo version of SaxLab is also now available.

SaxLab changes:

* Minor bugfixes.

RM IV changes:

* Minor bugfixes.

* MIDI import improved.

* Logic 7 integration improved.

Furthermore LinPlug has updated the Mac versions of daOrgan to v2.1.3 and Albino to v2.1.2 with the same changes:

* Mac only: Fixed problems when saving / restoring presets using daOrgans / Albinos internal file functions.

To upgrade your full version please visit the page mentioned in your registration mail from linplug. For more information please visit