Lots of pre Messe news from Linplug

With the MusikMesse in Frankfurt around the corner Linplug had some announcements regarding virtually all LinPlug instruments!

Octopus 1.1.1 Update:
Octopus has been updated to version 1.1.1 fixing a problem with the filter routing and also fixing the occasional problem with the sample accuracy of the audio output. Octopus 1.1.1 is a recommended update for all Octopus owners. Please check your registration email from LinPlug if you’re unsure about the location.

Albino 3 Release:
Yes, you read correctly. The next major update to Albino 3 is just around the corner. Though we can’t tell you all the details of this comprehensive update, we can tell you that:
(a) If you’re thinking of buying the Albino 2, don’t worry, you’ll be among the first to get the Albino 3 upgrade free of charge. The grace period for Albino 2 buyers has not been determined however March 2006 is definitely in the period.
(b) You can be among the first to see Albino 3 in action at the Frankfurt Musikmesse prior to its official release. Rob Papen himself will present the instrument at the Best Service booth.

New Grooves for RM IV:
With the 2600 MIDI grooves that come with RM IV you’re set for years. But we weren’t satisfied, so we teamed up with Groove Monkee again and are happy to announce the release of an additional 500 of his beats as a free download for all registered RM IV owners. This collection of 500 beats is a representative selection from his vast, high-quality collection–don’t miss them! The beats can be downloaded from the LinPlug website and are located right next to the RM IV full version download. Please check your registration email from LinPlug if you’re unsure about the location.

No, Sophistry! So what’s Sophistry? A new synth? Well, yes and no. The Sophistry Ambient Synthesizer is a collaboration between Particular Sound and LinPlug. Based on the CronoX 3 engine, Frank XenoX Neumann has created more than 700 presets using a massive 5 Gb of original audio samples. We then redesigned the CronoX3 GUI to Frank’s taste, thus producing the “Sophistry Ambient Synthesizer.” The instrument comes with 700 exclusive presets, mainly in an Ambient style, and is the perfect instrument for working with ambient elements in any musical style. Sophistry is available exclusively from LinPlug for 179 US$ / 149 Euro and is delivered world wide on DVD (price includes handling and shipping). If you already own CronoX3 you can get Sophistry at the special discount price of 99 US$ / 89 Euro. Note that due to German Musikmesse fair the shipping will start right after Messe on 3rd April 2006.

If you’re thinking of buying, or have already bought an Intel-Mac, and are interested in the status of LinPlug instruments on this platform here’s an update. We got our Intel-Mac last week and are in the process of porting all LinPlug instruments to the new platform. We already have early beta versions of all instruments and are planning on spending more time testing and solving any remaining problems. We hope to have Intel-Mac updates for all LinPlug products in the Spring. Stay posted for more information.


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