4 updates from Linplug

LinPlug has updated SaxLab to v1.0.1 and released a beta version of an RM IV update – v4.1.2. The demo version of SaxLab is also now available.

SaxLab changes:

* Minor bugfixes.

RM IV changes:

* Minor bugfixes.

* MIDI import improved.

* Logic 7 integration improved.

Furthermore LinPlug has updated the Mac versions of daOrgan to v2.1.3 and Albino to v2.1.2 with the same changes:

* Mac only: Fixed problems when saving / restoring presets using daOrgans / Albinos internal file functions.

To upgrade your full version please visit the page mentioned in your registration mail from linplug. For more information please visit www.linplug.com

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