Alesis is racking up ION – Update!

Thank god it is only once a year April Fools Day. As some of you might have understood, … there is no real ION Rack version from Alesis. Like many ‘websites’ we wanted to join into the FUN. So our art director tried his best to fabricate this Rack version of the Alesis Ion. Many of you thought it was a great idea that Alesis was looking into this Rack/Module market, but then again they don’t (yet). Maybe we gave them an idea for the future!

To give you an idea of how this image of the Rack Ion came along we posted the picture below. Starting point was the official ION image. From here we created all the knobs, red lines, red text, grey text, aluminium front, and all shadows from scratch. The rack ears we borrowed from the Roland V-Synth!

Compliments go out to some members of the Harmony Central forums who in the end saw that the dimensions weren’t totally on par. But as it was a rush job, image was created in 12 hours over two days, this was the only real fault in the image that could give us away as being a April Fools Hoax.




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