ADAM announces A5 Studio Monitors

Building on the success of the extremely popular A7, ADAM Audio announces the expansion of the A Series with the new A5 Powered Monitor. Designed using the same technologies as the existing ADAM monitors employed in many top recording studios around the world, the A5s compact size and attractive price point of $699 per pair make it an excellent choice for a plethora of audio applications.

Technically, the A5 is a smaller version of the A7, and can be used either in stereo or to fill out a 5.1 surround system. Powered by 2X25W on-board amplifiers, the A5 combines ADAM’s renowned ART (Accelerated Ribbon Technology) folded ribbon tweeter with a 5″ woofer constructed of a carbon fiber and Rohacell® sandwich. The front of the A5 sports dual ports for surprising low frequency response down to 55Hz (can be extended to 30Hz with the addition of the new compact Sub7 subwoofer), metal grills for added durability, as well as power and gain controls. The rear panel includes balanced XLR jacks, unbalanced RCA jacks, and a new development by ADAM called Stereolink®. This new technology connects speakers with input and output jacks allowing the user to control the overall volume of the system from any one speaker’s gain control, making the A5 a great match for desktop recording systems.

The A5 comes in a choice of traditional ADAM matte black ($699 pr) or new glossy “piano” finishes in black or white ($769 pr). Optional wedge-like stands enhance desktop recording by allowing the A5 to be positioned at an upward angle. In addition to audio recording applications, the A5 is well suited to mobile and broadcast applications, desktop recording, and even multimedia uses such as gaming and home audio.

ADAM Audio

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