Union Audio announces eq.xfader

Union Audio, a British audio design firm, has introduced the eq.xfader, an EQ/crossfader unit designed to complement and enhance the orbit.6 analogue rotary mixer. The 1U rackmount eq.xfader features a dual 4-band isolator design with an Innofader crossfader, expanding the mixing possibilities and offering dynamic control for innovative setups.

Mirroring the 6-channel architecture of the orbit.6, the eq.xfader transitions between audio sources with channels 1-3 on one side and channels 4-6 on the other. A Mix/Cut switch modifies the crossfader’s function from gradual transitions in Mix mode to full volume cuts in Cut mode.

The dual 4-band isolators provide detailed frequency control, allowing users to boost or cut bands from any two channels on either side of the crossfader. This replaces the Orbit.6’s onboard 3-band ISO, making room for additional external gear. Expansion is facilitated through the Mixer Insert for daisy-chaining multiple units and the Iso Insert for adding processing units like Graphic EQs, Compressors, and FX.

The eq.xfader can also serve as a standalone crossfader and EQ, incorporating premium audio-grade operational amplifiers and close-tolerance film capacitors. Available in various front panel colors, prices start at £1230 + VAT, with availability from June.

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