What to expect at the MusikMesse 2008 [UPDATE]

Looking at the past WinterNAMM, there were a few products that were expected with much anticipation. A few rumours and expectations were floating around on the internet. So what to expect at the MusikMesse which will start next week. Let’s try to make a small list of the Manufacturers our Gearjunkies team definately will visit on DAY ONE of the Messe.

– Clavia. We already got an invitation to a presentation of ‘something new’. But no details on what that ‘something new’ could be. NL4, Electro 3, Mini Nord Wave, G3? Your guess is as good as ours.

– Steinberg will reveal a new product.

– Ecler Evo4. Well this one isn’t a rumour anymore. Official announcement was released a few days ago and a picture (we weren’t supposed to see) floated around the internet already yesterday!

– Kinda official is already the Digital Performer version 6 from MOTU. No pictures yet.

– Stanton is going to present something new as well.

– Native Instruments. Are they cooking up something for the DJ market?

– PreSonus will unveil a new product that will revolutionize live music production and recording, StudioLiveā„¢ Digital Mixer.

– Sonic Core will reveal the new DSP hardware SCOPE XITE-1.

– SolidStateLogic. We heart some rumours about a PCIe Duende.

– Fatar (Studiologic) is expected to present a new high end controller keyboard at the show, designed by non other then Axel Hartmann.

– Celemony with a new version of its Melodyne software.

– EKS will undoubtedly show us more of its Otus DJing controller. (For sure!)

– Antares definately will have something new in the ‘vocal processing’ field.

– Neve 4081 – 4 Remote Controlled 1081 Mic-Preamps.

– Interesting rumour I heart: “…SSL are about to launch a cute analogue mixer at a relatively sensible price point and hopefully this will be a sign of things to come from other high end manufacturers.” Hmmm, … interesting!

As you can read the list slowly grows. Some are facts, some are just ‘rumours’ with no foundation at all! Well, who knows what is true or not? One thing is for sure, our Gearjunkies team is excited and ready to travel to Frankfurt next week to get you all the news and juicy details on new products and gear at this year’s MusikMesse.

Just don’t miss it.

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