Coming soon Fat Bustard from Thermionic Culture

Thermionic Culture is (probably) about to release the new Fat Bustard Valve mixer. It now has a total of 12 inputs instead of the 8 that were on the version previewed at the last AES NYC show, the inputs are arranged as 4x stereo pairs, 4x mono with pan controls, and all the channles have toggle mute switches. The simple but amazing Bass and Treble EQ now has 0.5dB stepped Lift controls while there are 6 way stepped Bass and Treble Cut controls.

Vic has also come up with something new, a really sweet and effective stereo width control, a little reminiscent of some vinyl lathe cutting EQ’s. When I heard it on some tracks it spread guitars beautifully while the mono bass content was really solid.

Four valves are used on the master buss, a pair of 5965 double triodes, the first half of which is pre-amp/eq , the second half is gain makeup in conjunction with the dedicated ‘Attitude’ feedback control which determines the amount of THD. The Attitude control can yield a clean signal or add gain and some “valvy” 2nd harmonic distortion. The other pair of valves is the larger 6SN7 double triode connected in parallel to give massive headroom cleanly (approaching +30 dBm).

The information above has not been officially released (yet) but the truth will not be far away. (via Gearslutz).

Thermionic Culture

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