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In addition to the full range of SM Pro Audio products (V-Machines, Analog Series, Red Valve, Value, and Microphone Series), the new IN5E is set for release at the NAMM 2009.

The IN5E is a single RU mixer/audio interface designed to provide all the necessary connectivity, monitoring, and mixing hardware requirements in a single device for connection to PC/Mac computer based recording systems.

Building on the success of the original IN5, the IN5E has been updated to include SM Pro Audio’s E-series microphone pre-amplifiers, USB audio interface I/O module, and the TST3 Cat5 mic/line input extender connector.

Connect a range of analog signals from microphones, turn-tables, keyboards, samplers, and even portable audio products with mini jack sockets. With all connections covered, the IN5E helps to minimize the need for additional peripherals such as phono pre-amps, socket converters, or other devices.

3 x E-series Microphone Pre-amplifiers with phantom power
1 x Turn-table, CD or phono input with switchable RIAA EQ and level controls
2 x Stereo line inputs
3 x Insert points
2 x Headphone monitoring amplifiers
1 x TST3 Cat5 mic/line input extender
1 x USB audio interface I/O module (PC and MAC)
1 x 24bit / 48khz AD/DA converter

Another release at this year’s NAMM is the AB-8 is a multi-channel analog to ADAT converter designed to deliver an additional 8 inputs to many of today’s current
digital audio products.

With 8 analog inputs and one ADAT output interface, the AB-8 is well suited for use in a wide variety of studio configurations. Whether you’re working with I/O cards, digital mixers or digital musical instruments – the AB-8 converts your analog data reliably and professionally to an 8 channel digital ADAT format stream with absolute fidelity.

Standing out from other multi channel converters, the AB-8 features transformer isolated inputs on all 8 channels. This protects your audio signal from any excessive hum or other noise due to power or grounding issues. Passive level attenuators are also provided to adjust incoming signal as desired.

The AB-8 features the latest full resolution 24-bit converters and offers both internal and external sync at 44.1/48kHz sample rates. BNC word clock connectors are provided on the rear.

• 8 x Balanced and line inputs (combo)
• 8 x Passive level attenuators
• 8 x Transformer isolated inputs
• 24-bit 96kHz Delta Sigma converter
• Internal and external sync
• Word clock I/O
• 44.1/48kHz operation
• 1 RU rack-mountable chassis
• Rugged metal construction

The P-Control, audio signal phase correction and manipulation. Designed to correct audio signal phase issues, the P-Control provides an elegant and high quality transparent solution to improve recordings when combining audio from two similar signal sources. With a extensive front panel control and switchable transformer balanced isolation, the P-Control puts you in control of audio phase manipulation.

Audio phase inconsistencies arise in all manner of day-to-day recording environments. This is especially true when combining two signals to capture that elusive fat recorded sound. Audio signal from two sources can become incoherent and even cancel each other out if phase issues get out of hand.

The P-Control can be inserted in-line or via the insert bus using balanced XLR cables. The phase of connected audio source material can be manipulated by up to 180 degrees with the simple adjustment of the front panels large format rotary encoder. Bypass, Low-cut filter, and phase reverse switches are provided along with output level adjustment and VU metering.

Applying phase correction to guitar and bass tracks, drums, or any other signal feed is simple with the P-Control. Find the sweet spot with ease, and enlarge your instruments recorded tracks.

• Combine two microphone signals and correct the audio phase
• Combine two sound sources with corrected phase – eg. microphone and direct instrument feed
• Line level operation – Connects via channel inserts on the mixing console or in-line
• Great for keyboards, guitars, and bass
• A must have tool for recording and live performance
• Bypass, Low-cut filter, Phase reverse, GND pin, level, and VU meter provided
• Switchable transformer balanced output

The DIDock, professional docking station DI for portable audio products. Designed to support portable audio devices in the field, the DIDock delivers audio signal conversion from connected devices to a fully balanced transformer isolated stereo output pair.

Many portable audio devices tend to introduce increased levels of noise when connected to larger professional PA systems. The DIDock solves many of the issues typically encountered when introducing consumer-based products into professional environments.

A must have tool for roadies, engineers, or musicians wishing to integrate portable audio devices.

• IPOD compatible docking connector
• 3.5mm line input connector
• Headphone output and rotary level control
• Transformer isolated outputs
• Individual channel GND lift switches
• Rugged metal construction
• Powered by phantom power or 12v external adaptor

SM Pro Audio’s compact Value series of audio products has received a major revision in terms of appearance and performance. Upgraded to include SM Pro Audio’s E-Series circuit design improvements, the PR4E, HP4E, and DI4E deliver quality audio
tools in a stylish compact format.

E-Series circuit design, component selection, and manufacturing offer an additional level of quality to the already successful Value series:
– PR4E – 4 channel microphone pre-amplifier
– HP4E – 4 channel headphone amplifier
– DI4E – 4 channel DI/line mixer

All units are housed in a stylish extruded aluminium external chassis that can be rack-mounted using SM Pro Audio’s RM-1 single unit rack-mount adaptor. One unit can be mounted in the centre of the rack, or two units side by side. Robust connectors are provided for all inputs and outputs.

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