The Beat Thang portable beat machine

Pounding kicks, smacking snares, sizzling hi hats, thunderous claps… weve come to expect killer sounds from The Beat Kangz after the history-making sound design of the Streetboxx.

But THE BEAT THANG moves beat making into the stratosphere with real bass, live strings, striking synths, Latin and African percussion, crunchy electric guitar, and startling sound effects all available right at your finger tips with no load time!

All in all the Beat Kangz have stuffed over 3000 sounds and over 500 production ready HIT beats, patterns and loops into THE BEAT THANG. Each sound can be edited, fine tuned and manipulated with onboard waveform editing and fully functioning Digital EFX (EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Filter and “FREAK”). But that’s not the end of it. THE BEAT THANG is the most advanced beat production device with the fattest (and phattest) pre-loaded sounds AND onboard SAMPLING and Re-Sampling. With USB in and out and Mic/Line input, you can add your own Samples. Create your own custom Kits with up to 8 layers per pad (each layer can have its own pitch ,pan, Volume, cutoff and res). Our Key Span Feature allows you to take one or more samples and instantly make an instrument that spans an entire 88 note keyboard. Want bass on one octave and strings on another? No problem! It’s simple.

Don’t forget the 16 Track MIDI Sequencer that can Sequence internal sounds or External sound modules……. I know what you are thinking….Only 16 tracks?? Yeah, well we got that covered! No need to put your kick, snare, and hi hat on separate tracks anymore. PAD MUTE and SOLO!!!

No more confusing programs and loading of SAMPLES, KITS and BEATS to deal with. Everything on your SD cards is available in Real time with NO LOAD TIMES!!

More info on the product page.

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