Indaba a Place for Musicians

Indaba is a Zulu word that invokes the spirit of collaboration and community. It refers to a gathering or a forum for sharing ideas, and it embodies concepts that are central to the mission of Indaba Music. It is a place to network with other musicians and work in online recording sessions, mixing tracks recorded anywhere in the world.

As an Indaba member, you can:

  • Create a personal profile, blog, share music and photos
  • Find musicians, get hired, or create virtual bands
  • Mix and edit audio in-browser with online music software
  • Compete in online remix and collaboration contests

Indaba Music is an online community of musicians all connected to a highly advanced browser-based music production console.  As of today, you can join a “session”, import your audio and mix everyone’s musical contributions using a super cool mixing console.  Volume, panning, mute, solo… it’s all there.  But that’s just the beginning.

Indaba Music is gearing up to release the Session Console 2.0, which will introduce complete browser-based recording capabilities.  That means you can literally fire up the session console in your browser, plug in your instrument, and hit record.  Add your creative touch to the community-based recording session.

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