Tom Oberheim and a new SEM

Mr. Tom Oberheim did a presentation on his new SEM at the Red Bull Music Academy in Boston. Mr. Oberheim discusses the changes made to the new SEM and the reasons behind them, pricing, and demos a few sounds.

Via STRETTA blog:

“It looks like the SEM itself can function as a drop-in replacement for an existing SEM, provided you’re adapting to the new connectors. Tom says this was his goal – or at least his intention, and it doesn’t sound at all like he has tried such a thing. The packaging around the SEM adds a rather fully-specified MIDI interface, which makes sense.

However, as Tom has only been aware of the analog resurgence for about six months or so, I’m not sure he is fully aware of the current market conditions. If you look at the pictures, the MIDI panel is completely separate from the SEM. I would like to see Tom sell this product in three versions:

  • The current desktop package consisting of an SEM, MIDI interface and case
  • An additional desktop package that replaces the MIDI panel with CV patch points
  • The bare SEM without the desktop package – for those replacing a voice in 2/4/8-voice systems, with adapter cable”




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