Infrasonic Windy6 updates coming soon

SIMS Audio, a leading worldwide producer of digital musical products has announced a new driver for the Infrasonic Windy6 which is scheduled for release next week.

The new driver will include an update for the firmware. According to SIMS Audio, after downloading the driver customers will be able to update the firmware themselves via the Firewire port connection between the PC and Windy6.

In an effort to help customers to gain the most from the Windy6 Firewire Audio Interface, SIMS Audio has updated the control panels to include two versions: a “Mechanical” version and a “Block Diagram” version. Both are actual GUIs used to control the interface.

  • The Mechanical Control Panel version has the familiar look of previous Windy6 control panels, and is modeled after a physical device. The goal is ease-of-use.

  • The Block Diagram Control Panel provides a live view the Windy6 circuitry. Not only can Windy6 owners better understand the signal paths between internal components by viewing them in operation, they can even move the components and control them through the Block Diagram view.

The new driver will be made available via the download section of the Infrasonic Web site, at, late next week.




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