Serato ITCH goes second generation.

Whilst the first generation delivered on all-in-one products, the second generation introduces modular components, effects, and more to the ITCH platform.

This week at DJ Expo in Atlantic City, Serato hardware partners are releasing a new DJ transport controller and amuch anticipated add-on effects unit. Denon DJ is the first new partner to confirm a component ITCH DJ controller.

“We’re constantly working to be at the forefront of new DJ technology,” says Silvio Zeppieri, Denon DJ brand manager. “ We’re very excited about our new DN-HC5000 and the close working relationship we enjoy between our R&D department and the Serato engineers.”

The Denon DJ DN-HC5000 is new rack-mountable controller that will connect easily to an existing DJ mixer. The DN-HC5000 is perfect for mobile entertainers, broadcasters and venue installations. The DN-HC5000 is a USB 2.0 controller with a built-in 24-bit soundcard, featuring a vibrant FL tube display, to show track information and other data from the ITCH software library. The tactile controls are one-to-one mapped with the ITCH software for ultimate responsiveness using Serato’s own HIDI technology.

The DN-HC5000 is a great replacement for aging CD players that are nearing the end of their lifespan. There are no lasers or bearings that can wear out and many DJs will find the form factor comfortably familiar to use. Like all ITCH products, it is pre-configured for easy set up and quick installation.

“Serato identify with the many styles of professional DJs, reports Sam Gribben, General manager of Serato.
“Denon DJ is a respected professional brand that has revolutionized DJing over the last 20 years. We are sure that customers will enjoy their interpretation of what future DJs will be using to create their art.”

This week’s glimpse of the future confirms that Serato are indeed adding software effects to their DJ software. Vestax have officially lifted the lid on the VFX-1, their new effects component for the ITCH platform. The Vestax VFX-1 has a powerful range of effects that are hosted within Serato ITCH 2.0. This is the very first product that will enable Serato DJ effects. The Vestax VFX-1 is styled to match the popular Vestax VCI-300 but will also work with other ITCH DJ controllers.

“The focus of the ITCH project has been the development of future DJ controllers. The second generation ITCH components allow for a more customizable setup for professional DJs. They also compliment the current all-inone ITCH hardware for those wanting a more advanced DJ rig, “ reports Sam Gribben.

Serato ITCH version 2.0 is scheduled for delivery during Q4 2009 and will support more flexible configurations, hardware types and an array of features designed by the worlds leading brands to empower future DJs.




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