Doepfer DIY Synth Kit

At NAMM we’ll start a new product line: a low cost DIY kit to build a full-fledged analog synthesizer. The kit is made of a pc board that includes all that is necessary to build a standard analog synthesizer.

VCO: sawtooth and rectangle output (with variable pulse width), several frequency CV inputs, several PW/PWM CV inputs, linear FM input, hard sync input VCF: multimode filter, lowp, highp and bandpass output (optional low-notch-highpass with external potentiometer), 12dB/oct, several frequency CV inputs, several audio inputs, manual resonance control, resonance up to self oscillation.

VCA: exponential control scale, several CV inputs , several audio inputs , audio output ADSR: connections for attack, decay, sustain and release controls, connections for range switch (3 ranges), connections for LED display, ADSR output LFO: triangle and rectangle outputs, connections for frequency control (optional different controls for up/down time), connection for range switch (3 ranges), connections for LED display Slew Limiter:connections for slew control, input, output Inverter: input, output.

The kit is planned for customers who are familiar with electronic basics as the kit does not include the controls, switches, sockets and the case. These elements have to be added and wired by the customer. He can choose the desired size, shape, type and color of these elements (e.g. rotary potentiometers or faders, small 3.5 mm jack sockets or 1⁄4″ sockets or banana type, small or large switches and so on). 

Even the type of wiring is free: the range goes from a pre-wired standard synth (VCO-VCF-VCA type) up to a fully patchable modular system. Two or more of the kits can be combined to obtain more VCOs, ADSRs, LFOs, VCAs or VCFs, e.g. to built a more complex pre-wired or modular synth. We also think about an expansion board with noise generator, S&H, ring modulator, mixer and some other often used synthesizer units.

The additional working time and required skills to build a working unit from the kit should not be underrated ! One should count at least on one weekend, even if you are an experienced hobbyist. To obtain all features about 25 potentiometers, 20 sockets and several switches have to be mounted into a suitable housing and wired faultless. 

We ask for your understanding that we cannot offer the service to troubleshoot a customer’s assembly. The pc boards comes assembled, tested and adjusted (i.e. 1V/oct of the corresponding VCO CV inputs).

Date of Delivery: ~ spring 2010 Price: ~ Euro 100.00 (without controls, sockets, switches, cables, power supply and case.)





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