Roland introduces the VR-700

Tired of big, bulky, expensive keyboard rigs? Meet the new V-Combo VR-700, a multi-function keyboard that covers every base onstage. The V-Combo offers powerful real-time performance capabilities and a simple user interface.

With a legendary Virtual Tone Wheel organ and dedicated harmonic bars onboard, plus a first-class array of essential ensemble sounds (grand piano, EP, strings, brass, synth leads, and more), the V-Combo melds an entire rig into one convenient instrument for easy transport and fast setup. Backing-track functionality, built-in rhythms, great effects, and a comfortable waterfall-style keyboard round out the feature set, making this multifaceted keyboard a godsend for gigging musicians.


  • Roland’s acclaimed Virtual Tone Wheel and COSM technology provide authentic organ sound

  • Dedicated harmonic bars, rotary-speaker simulation, and amp models, including Active Amp Enhancer

  • 76-key waterfall keyboards offers smooth glissandos, fast action, and provides enough keys for splits

  • Dual-manual simulation with Split function plus pedalboard capability (optional Roland PK-25A, PK-7A)

  • Essential ensemble sounds (with tone remain function) onboard, including 88-key multi-sampled pianos, EP, strings, brass, synth pads, and more

  • Full polyphony in the organ section, 128-voice polyphony for the ensemble section

  • WAV/AIFF/MP3/SMF playback function for backing tracks

  • Built-in rhythm patterns for practice and play-along performance

  • Store user and system settings onboard and to USB memory sticks

  • Versatile I/O, including professional XLR outputs





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