Evol announces the Fucifier distortion synthesizer and sound shaper

The Evol Fucifier is a distortion synthesizer & sound shaper, designed to give you many colors with which to create and shape your palette of sounds.

– Branded real wood front panel, custom finished by hand
– Color coded, lighted acrylic, audio responsive gain meter knobs to see at a glance where your various gain stage levels are
– Discrete mic preamp<
– Low noise, high quality balanced line input
– Gain control of mic, instrument & dry mix gain in addition to control of overall input gain- True relay bypass of each effect section using lighted indicator ring metal push buttons
– The Vintage Germanium Preamp section uses specially matched NOS vintage germanium transistors for added warmth and a great overdrive sound

The Analog Filter section features:

– variable freq & resonance
– LFO with variable amplitude and speed, an envelope detector and expression pedal control which can all be used separately or in conjunction to control filter frequency
– selectable high pass, band pass, or band pass + high pass filter response modes for the high freq distortion section- separate low pass & high pass outputs on the back panel for processing each band separately with external gear

Dual Band Distortion allows control over:
– drive, distortion amount, distortion type (6 modes), clipping symmetry & low freq/high freq blend control to blend the two distortion sections in varying degrees
– Inductor Based EQ with 5 bands of boost/cut: low, mid, high bands plus a low shelf & high shelf
– Speaker output to plug a speaker cabinet into your Fucifier for use as an amp sim or even an amp!
– Wet/Dry signal blend control
– Transformer coupled, discrete Class A output section
– Internal regulated AC power supply (no wall warts!)
– 2 space, 19 incf rack mount enclosure

More info on www.evolaudio.com





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