Reloop ready for the MusikMesse 2010

Reloop will be presenting several new (and updated) products at this years MusikMesse. In Frankfurt they will present a new model of their RMX-40 mixer, the IQ2 mixer, Digital Jockey 2 – PRO Traktor controller, and Play Portable PRO DJ interface.

Reloop Play – Portable PRO DJ 4 channel interface

With this small but powerful interface Reloop presents one of the smallest DJ soundcards that can be found on the market – with an outstanding 24 bit/96 kHz sound quality. Special hi-gain outputs allow an extremely pounding club sound catering for lowest latencies while spinning, granted by the USB 2.0 ASIO/CORE driver technology. Thanks to the elaborate connecting possibilities, Reloop Play offers two play modes. On the one hand there is the external mixer mode: with it, it is possible routing two separate stereo channels to an external mixer – this mode will be appreciated by all professional Traktor users. The second mode is called the controller mode: In this case a master ouptut is routed to the sound system and it is possible to connect headphones directly to the interface – this mode is especially appropriate for laptop DJs without further hardware. Both stero channels’ volume can be comfortably adjusted via separate controllers. The signal status LEDs allow a visual monitoring so that everything remains in view and under control. Small, professional and always present: Plug and Play.

Reloop RMX-40 MIDI 4 channel DSP club mixer & MIDI controller

Based on the RMX-40 series the RMX-40 MIDI underwent a MIDI treatment, thus also becoming a full-fledged MIDI controller. Especially Traktor users will get excited about the ASIO compatible 4×4 In/Out audio interface which allows routing the virtual channels to the mixer. Of course all the popular features of the RMX-40 have been carried over. A freely assignable DSP effect unit, crossfader with relay-play function as well as the well-known, outstanding sound of the RMX series are some of the features awaiting the DJ.

(picture above is a RMX-40 USB version!)

Reloop IQ2 MIDI 2 channel effect battle-mixer & MIDI controller

With the IQ2 MIDI Reloop presents the latest mixer from the trend-setting IQ series. Compared to its predecessors the IQ2 MIDI is completely digital with the best, noise-free sound characteristics and a 4×4 multichannel USB audio interface with 24 bit / 96 kHz studio quality. As all elements are MIDI compatible this mixer can also be used as MIDI controller and thanks to the MIDI flex function, the crossfader, as well as the effect unit, can be used in MIDI or audio mode. Moreover the IQ2 MIDI offers a digital matrix-input function. This way all audio inputs, as well as all MIDI channels, can be flexibly routed to the channels. The ASIO/CORE audio drivers guarantee the absolutely lowest latency for a professional standard while mixing. Further novelties are the reversible crossfader and the 2 battle mode that allows looping in a second mixer or DVS system via the loop input. Topping it all off is the fact that the mixer is „Traktor Ready“ and it can be selected very easily within the software as preset. No matter if digital DJ, turntablist or electro clubber – this mixing talent does not leave anything to wish for.

(picture above is a IQ2 USB version!)

Digital Jockey 2 – Master Edition – PRO Traktor controller with stand-alone mixing function

The successful Digital Jockey series has grown by one new version: the Master Edition. All the critically acclaimed controller features, allowing the perfect control of Traktor, are still on board. A reasonable novelty is  is the symmetric output – this way nothing can prevent a club PA to be connected directly. And with the second booth output the DJ gets his own monitor. A further highlight is the stand-alone mixing function: Two CD players or turntables can now be mixed with the Digital Jockey – even without software or a computer. Furthermore the flexible input routing allows to route the mic and the phono/line inputs to the software or the master output. The signal processing of the Digital Jockey 2 – Master Edition – is completely digital, facilitating the best sound characteristics.

All products will be introduced at the MusikMesse 2010.




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