Focal Professional announces CMS 40

This new work tool was developed to meet the requirement of Professionals as well as demanding Home-Studio owners: to find an ultra-compact studio monitor that combines neutrality, extended bass response, and easy installation. The CMS 40 is the most compact and most affordable monitor of the Focal Professional range. In a Home Studio, its design allows a near-field listening from 40cm without compromising sound neutrality or the delicate mid-bass and bass balance.

The CMS 40 was also designed for the Broadcast environment. Its compact size, combined with mounting points at the back and under the monitor, makes it easy to install even in the smallest post-production rooms. The recording engineers will also benefit from its small footprint and neutrality. The CMS 40 is for them the perfect second pair of monitors and allows them to check their mix on smaller compact Today the CMS family is made up of four members, the CMS 50 and CMS 65 studio monitors, the CMS SUB subwoofer and the newborn of the range: the CMS 40.

This new studio monitor is equipped with the same Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter as in the CMS 50 and CMS 65. The very low weight of the transducer moving assembly extends the frequency response to 28 kHz, which guarantees an excellent impulse response. The CMS 40 integrates a 4” (10cm) Focal woofer, which itself constitutes a true technological feat. The CMS 40 combines sound neutrality, extended bass frequency, high dynamics and absence of distortion at high sound levels, all this in an ultra-compact speaker and through a 4” (10cm) only woofer!



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