Introducing the new Metric Halo LIO-8

For a variety of reasons, many folks do not need the preamps that we built into the ULN-8, but want to take advantage of its exceptional conversion and interfacing. If you have a collection of great preamps or a great console, or no need for preamps at all in your mastering or edit suites, we built the LIO-8 for you – a product that provides the exceptional conversion, mixing and interfacing pioneered by the ULN-8 without the expense and power requirements of the preamp section, at a wallet friendly price of only $3995.

The LIO-8 incorporates the same Metric Halo Audio technologies in the ULN-8 including:

  • 192k sample rate support for both Analog and AES Inputs and Outputs
  • New DC-coupled, zero phase distortion, servo balanced Line Inputs and Outputs
  • Fully clickless remote controlled Monitor outputs. All LIO-8 analog outputs incorporate Metric Halo clickless remote technology allowing for flexible monitoring applications from stereo to 7.1 surround.

LIO-8 Key Benefits at a Glance:

  • Exceptional, Best–In–World, Archival Grade Converter Quality
  • Flexible, Integrated Analog-Domain Monitor Controller
  • Universal Sample Rate Support
  • Analog, AES and Firewire Interfacing
  • Rock Solid Stability: Mature, Real-World-Tested Firmware, Software and Drivers
  • Instant Access to Tactile Controls
  • Fully digital control for total recall, remote control and control surface support
  • Comprehensive Precision Metering — so you always know what is going on
  • Works with or without a Computer
  • Metric Halo’s Exclusive Per-channel selectable Character — from ultra clean to nice and gooey
  • Integrated ultra-low-latency instantiable processing with plenty of DSP power to run it
  • Most Compact, Lowest Weight, Lowest Power and Lowest Price in its Class

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