Paul Wolff, president of Tonelux: “With great excitement, I am happy to announce that Tonelux Designs, Limited has been sold to PMI Audio as of the 15th of March.  As President of Tonelux, I have been designing, building and supplying the world with Tonelux products for 5 years, and I have reached a point where Tonelux and it’s family has grown beyond my capabilities to manage properly as a small business.”


“I have known Alan Hyatt, the President and founder of PMI Audio for many years, and we have chatted many times about working together to grow Tonelux, and we finally sat down and had a serious discussion about growing it and came to a mutual conclusion that my talents would be better served designing, inventing and realizing the dream I had of Tonelux, and the leadership, management and ability of Alan’s organization to grow Tonelux in a way that would increase availability, service, customer relations and consistency through his proven ability to run a professional company properly and with the love of the industry that we both share for professional audio.   Alan, over the years has proven to everyone that he is a man of his word and has the highest respect for the industry, and does not take his successes lightly.  I have found him to be one of the most straight up people I know, an opinion shared by everyone I have spoken with over the years.

I doubt you will see much change as far as the message of Tonelux, its design criteria, quality, tone, look, or prices.  What you will see is instant availability, fast service, un-paralleled support and the ability to develop new products faster, many of which I have been promising for months and years.  I am really happy with this, and together we both promise to all of you that it will only get better.”





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