SM Pro Audio MPatch 5.1 Passive Surround Controller

Designed to provide true passive analog control over surround studio monitoring systems the MPATCH 5.1 employs a newly designed multi gang passive switching system with incredible accuracy which in the past would have only been posible in units costing 1000’s of dollars.

No power has to be connected to the MPATCH 5.1 in order for the unit to opearate, the power is only needed for LED indication, it is a totally passive surround controler.

A 25 pin D-SUB input connector provides six surround (5.1) and two stereo input channels. In addition to a surround speaker system, a stereo monitoring pair can be connected to the MPATCH 5.1. An additional 4 stereo input allows for other unblanaced line level input to be connected to the MPATCH 5.1 (such as DVD players, CD players etc).

Adjustment of the attenuation in the MPATCH 5.1 is handled by a 12 gang switching system utilising accurate precision metal film resistors which eliminates issues currently found in other passive systems at lower volumes.

The MPATCH 5.1 is idealy suited for:
• Surround and stereo production
• Film and video mixing
• Video and game production
• multimedia production
• home entertainment systems
• DTS, SACD, DVD-V and DVD-A authoring

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