Worlds first iPad DJ – DJ Rana Sobhany

Rana Sobhany woke up at 5:30am to pre-order her iPad on March 12th, and got in line to pick it up at 2am on April 3rd. She rocked the house over the weekend at the iPad Dev Camp in Silicon Valley and here we learn how she was DJ’ing there.

I was one of those crazy people in line overnight to pick up my iPad, even though I had a reservation! The inspiration for Destroy the Silence came from my research the night before the launch of the iPad as I scoured the App Store for the coolest iPad apps available pre-launch. I kept finding these amazing apps and for some reason, I decided to download them, even before I even had the iPad! I suppose I thought there was a chance that the App Store would go down or something ridiculous like that, leaving me with this magical iPad and no apps to play with,” according to Rana herself.

On her website you can read the whole interview (with on how she got her iPad’s and created her set up, and becoming the World’s First iPad DJ!




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