Elysia launches xpressor 500

The xpressor 500 is elysia’s new stereo compressor available in API’s 500 series format. Its discrete audio path running in constant class-A mode has been designed to provide superior audio quality, combining a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch.

Many of the unique features of the elysia ‘flagship’ products have been adopted by the xpressor 500: The auto fast attack mode, switchable release characteristic, and the warm mode switch for instant coloration of the signal.

In order to provide additional control on the compression process, the xpressor 500 also features an integrated sidechain filter, elysia’s special gain reduction limiter and a mix controller for onboard parallel compression.

Its main application areas are stereo buss compression as well as processing single signals and approaching dynamics in creative ways. The xpressor 500 is made in Germany by the exclusive use of quality components, a four mm aluminum front panel and solid aluminum knobs. It is available with immediate effect for 649.00 € excl. VAT. 

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