Ableton and Softube team up for guitar plugin – Ableton Amp

Ableton Amp is the result of a close cooperation between Softube and Ableton. Getting a great guitar sound or adding a bit of good dirt to electronic tracks within Ableton Live has never been this easy. Ableton Amp has the characteristic tone of legendary guitar amplifiers and cabinets without any of the hassles. Amp has a minimal but very powerful parameter set to make sure that you’ll get the quickest result possible.

Under the hood, Softube’s groundbreaking emulation technology is working hard to make sure that every single component of the original amplifiers is being emulated faithfully, which means that you can always trust the sonic results.

The amplifier and cabinet emulations of Ableton Amp can also be applied separately. It’s handy in those situations where you just want some distortion, to add a bit of crunch. Or when you only need some cabinet ambience, to make the track sound more organic.

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