Audanika SoundPrism updated with new features

This week we released part two of our iPad and Music Apps article series. One of the conclusions in this second part was that we missed recording capabilities of some of the apps. Also most apps didn’t show any information on which key you were playing. Meaning, it is hard for the user who isn’t musically trained to know what he or she is doing.

The guys from Audanika have updated SoundPrism to version 1.1. and fixed the issues mentioned above. With this update they have added recording capabilities now. Another feature added is that you can now display note names so you know what you’re playing and can use the knowledge included in the App to sketch out new musical ideas for your tracks. Check out this video below showing us all the new features.

Sebastian Dittman, from Audanika: “We know SoundPrism wasn’t really useful for musicians in its initial form but this update fixes some of this. We’re now working on a professional version with Midi/OSC output so you can use SoundPrism as a Controller which will make you able to do amazing things.


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