MOOG to introduce two new instruments at NAMM

Leading up to the coming NAMM Show, more and more images of new products appear on the net. This time it’s a new instrument from MOOG. That what we can show you however is just a ‘front plate’ of a synth called the SUB 37. Source is MOOG forum itself. This SUB 37 will one of two new products MOOG will introduce at the NAMM.

Preliminary features of the SUB 37

  • Paraphonic – multiple voices through a single VCA and filter
  • Dual oscillators with a single Sub
  • LPF Filter with vriable slope  from 6 to 24db
  • Multidrive
  • Programable arp
  • Two LFO’s/Mods
  • Buttons and knobs for some hidden functions
  • At least 16 memories
  • 37 keys









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