Yamaha adds ‘white color’ option to HS Monitor Series

Yamaha introduces new white-colored models of the HS Series powered studio monitors that have already established a favorable reputation for their accuracy and signature sound since their release last year. Three white-colored models of the 5″ HS5, 6.5″ HS7 and 8″ HS8 provide users with a broader selection of monitors that adapts to a wider variety of music production environments and aesthetics.

New HS Series

The new series was released as an updated version of the previous lineup, built upon the same sound philosophy as Yamaha’s industry standard reference monitors, and combined with state-of-the-art Yamaha technologies that ensure greater reliability and flexibility while maintaining the signature flat response and accuracy that is ideal for near-field monitoring.

The new series introduced a 6.5″ full-range speaker along with the 5″ and 8″ models, and was rounded out by the HS8S subwoofer— ideal for anyone spending much time mixing bass-heavy material. Featuring newly developed transducers, a high performance amp unit, low resonance enclosures and flexible controls and connectivity, the entire lineup benefits from engineering and design innovations that contribute to the flat response, concise sound image, and distortion-free, high resolution sound that is consistent throughout the series.

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