Introducing the Atmegatron – A unique, 8-bit monosynth

The Atmegatron is a new 8-bit monosynth and the debut product from Soulsby Synthesizers. It’s an electronic musician’s dream, combining the sounds of 1980s home computers with the flexibility and power of a modern synthesizer. It adds a wide palette of new sounds to any studio setup and is also great for live use.

Soulsby Atmegatron

Features of the synth include: 32 waveforms, 15 digital filter types, 2 ADSR envelopes, 1 LFO with 16 waveforms, an arpeggiator with 15 patterns and loads of fx including phaser, distortion and the unique Wavecrusher. It also comes with 16 preset sounds and unlimited preset expandability via the Atmegatron Librarian software available for Mac or PC.

The Atmegatron is built on the open source Arduino platform. This means that the synthesis engine can be completely changed by uploading software to the synth. One minute it’s a monosynth, the next it’s a drum machine. Soulsby Synths will be releasing new and completely free software versions over the coming months.

The Atmegatron is available in two versions

Atmegatron Complete – £255 ex VAT & delivery.

Atmegatron Synthesizer

Power Supply

Printed 32 page colour manual

Quick reference guide

The Atmegatron Complete is housed in a beautiful white aluminium chassis with real walnut side panels.


Atmegatron PCB – £127 ex VAT & delivery.

Atmegatron Synthesizer PCB

Power Supply

Quick reference guide

The Atmegatron PCB comes with nylon pillars to keep the PCB raised from its resting surface. The PCB is perfect for programmers and hackers, but is not suitable for outside of the home due to its fragility.

The Atmegatron is available exclusively online at Soulsby Synthesizers. Strictly limited supply.









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