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Kjaerhus Audio updates the Gold series

Kjaerhus Audio has released updates for all plug-ins in The Gold Series. This plugin series combines the sound and functionality of advanced vintage gear with classic signal processing methods, producing a highly desirable sound.

Kjaerhus Audio updates GEQ-7, GMO-1 and GAC-1

Kjaerhus Audio updates GEQ-7, GMO-1 and GAC-1

Recently Kjaerhus Audio has updated three of their plugins. The GEQ-7 has been updated with a few bug fixes, the GMO-1 has been updated. This update includes a low-cut filter to make the fat dark chorus sounds found in some of the old analog choruses. And the GAC-1 has been updated with five fixes and a new routing in the mono version.

Kjaerhus Audio updates GMO-1

The GMO-1 is a Professional Modulation VST-Plug-in designed to provide high quality Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Panning and other Frequency-, Delay- and Amplitude- Modulated effects. Kjearhus Audio updated the GMO-1 to version 1.2.

Kjearhus Gold Series updated

The Gold Series and accompanying manuals has been updated to version 1.10. Amongst the updates are better fine adjustment of knobs and a fix for the invisibility problem in some hosts.