Kjearhus Gold Series updated

The Gold Series and accompanying manuals has been updated to version 1.10. Amongst the updates are better fine adjustment of knobs and a fix for the invisibility problem in some hosts.

The following improvements have been made.


* Fine adjust knobs by holding down the Ctrl key.

* Reset knob parameters by Alt + left mouse-click.

* After trial time has ended, the plug-in continues to work but with a one second audio dropout every thirty seconds.

* Hyperlink from logo, quickly allowing a check for updates and new products.


* Solved issue where the GUI was invisible and / or wasn’t repainted properly in some hosts and wrappers.

* Solved issue with wrongly reported I/O sampling rate.

* Solved issue where plug-in would report that no GUI was available when requested by the host. This caused one host to not open the GUI.

* Removed irrelevant dialog appearing the first time a plug-in is loaded.

* Improved VU-meter updates.

* Failure in the input meter image fixed (GCO-1 only).

* Small rounding error on the graph fixed (GEQ-7 only).

The Gold Series is a professional series of real time VST plug-ins that combines both sound and functionality of advanced vintage gear, along with classic signal processing methods. The Gold Series currently consists of four plug-ins; Golden Modulator, Golden Equaliser, Golden Compressor and the Golden Peak-Pressor.

For more information, visit their web site at www.kjaerhusaudio.com or check out our Kjearhus Audio product pages (links below).

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