Acoustics Systems announces official release of Tassman 4

Tassman 4 offers musicians and sound designers an even broader range of creative possibilities
with a new synth and preset library created by top sound designers, the possibility to process live
audio inputs, sync to host capability and improved acoustic modules. Tassman 4 also includes new
functionalities for the management and design of presets such as an output effect section, new
effect modules and a performance mode.

“With this upgrade, we have focused on exploiting the unique creative potential of Tassman and
developed new tools to make the use of sounds from such a wide range of synths easy and
efficient,” said Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO of Applied Acoustics Systems. “This work is the fruit of an
exciting collaboration with Ilio, our new North-American distribution partner, which has enabled us
to combine our innovative technology with their tremendous expertise in sound design.”

Based on AAS’ state-of-the-art physical modeling technology, the Tassman is an entirely modular
sound design solution, offering a near infinite range of creative possibilities for realistic emulation
of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, and unique hybrid constructions simply not
possible by any other means of synthesis.

Pricing and Availability
The Tassman 4 is available now for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. Existing Tassman users
can upgrade to the new version for US$99 from the Applied Acoustics Systems website. Note that
users who bought or unlocked Tassman after the 1st of January 2004 can upgrade free of charge.

About Applied Acoustics Systems
Based in Montreal, Applied Acoustics Systems specializes in software based synthesis tools for
professional musicians and sound designers. Since releasing the first virtual instrument based on
physical modeling, the Tassman, AAS has come to be recognized as the industry leader in this
exciting new field of synthesis.

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