Digidesign and Focusrite Ship The Liquid Channel

Digidesign, the North American distributor of Focusrite products, is pleased to ship Focusrite’s The Liquid Channel—a revolutionary professional channel strip that transports classic front-end processing into the digital age. The Liquid Channel is capable of accurately emulating every mic pre and compressor combination in history, inside a single 192 kHz-compatible 2U device.

The Liquid Channel precisely emulates the sound of classic mic pres and compressors. A brand new digital EQ loosely based on Focusrite’s legendary ISA 110 is also available, providing a comprehensive and truly “liquid” channel strip. A USB connection on the rear panel links to Focusrite’s LiquidControl software application enabling the archiving of both replicas and surplus user memories, as well as providing remote operation of up to eight Liquid Channel units. The Liquid Channel comes complete with forty classic mic pre replicas and forty classic compressor replicas. The end user can “mix and match” pres, compressors and the EQ section to create customized channel strip configurations in The Liquid Channel’s 100 user memories. The Liquid Channel is fully expandable because the USB port also facilitates downloads of additional replicas from a dedicated website: www.ffliquid.com. Essentially, The Liquid Channel provides an unlimited supply of vintage sonic performance for the price of one unit, with all the added benefits of digital processing and control.

“Liquid Technology is the final product of two years of pure research into what makes an analog processor sound exactly the way it does,” states Robert Jenkins, director of product strategy at Focusrite. “The results of this research have enabled us to develop a hybrid system of analog and digital technology, capable of recreating every sonic attribute of any classic processor. Focusrite has a history of manufacturing high-performance equipment, and of making that technology affordable to all those at every level of the recording industry. The Liquid Channel goes further and makes obsolete, priceless and historically significant audio equipment available to everyone for the first time.”

“The Liquid Channel is nothing short of amazing,” states Dino Virella, Focusrite’s North American sales and marketing manager. “I must admit that I was probably one of the most skeptical people when I heard of Focusrite’s claims. Now that I’ve heard the product and also the comments of some of the most respected ears in the industry, my initial skepticism has now been replaced with unbridled enthusiasm!”

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