New Edirol UA-25 USB Audio/MIDI interface

The new Edirol UA-25, USB bus power source drive, with adoption of low noise/wide range power source, treble quality and the compact 24 bits which actualize the balance input/output of professional specification/USB audio of 96kHz correspondence/is MIDI interface.

UA-25 just connects the USB cable adopted the USB bus power source drive which can be used directly, 24 bits/latest and most powerful USB audio of 96kHz correspondence/it is MIDI interface.
With the adoption of USB bus power source drive, actualizing rapid mobility. If it combines with the note personal computer, it is possible to correspond to the treble quality recording at the place AC power source such as outside, there is no it is possible just to construct the ultimate Mobile recording system.

The Edirol UA-25 runs on Windows and mac OSX.

The release date and price will be announces soon.

More info about the Edirol UA-25 u can find at the Edirol UA-25 product page in out detabase.



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