Soundart releases version 1.0 of the Australis VA synth

Soundart are pleased to release version 1.0 of their PC and Mac based
standalone graphical editor. The development of this program means the
Chameleon can integrate even better into computer-based systems.

The rollout of GUI’s for all the soundskins starts with the Australis

The Australis GUI module allows the editing, saving and uploading of
presets, as well as loading the skins themselves, with easy parameter
control via MIDI. Users can design their own patches, manage their libraries
of sounds and save everything locally to their hard-disc. This way, the task
of switching skins and loading all your favourite sounds is made even

Version 1.0 offers comprehensive control over Australis in Multi Mode,
including all the parameters of individual single parts within a multi.
Editing directly in Single Mode will follow in an upcoming release of the

There are three versions available which can be downloaded from the Soundart
website, together with a new version of Australis (v1.23) supporting all
features offered by the GUI for windows, Mac OSX and Mac OS9

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