New core audio driver available for Lynx AES16, LynxTWO and L22

Lynx Studio Technology has announced the final release of the OSX Core Audio drivers for their LynxTWO, L22 and AES16 products. More than a year in development, the final release allows the Lynx products to utilize the power of Apple Computer’s popular Core Audio protocol, and operate with all G5 model computers.

“The OSX driver is our most powerful to date. We are seeing the lowest latency specifications we have ever seen,” stated company co-founder David Hoatson. “With OSX’s ability to achieve higher performance through multiprocessing, it is now possible to produce larger projects and get the most out of the Lynx audio interfaces”

The Lynx OSX driver is tightly integrated into the OSX Kernel, making clock management absolutely seamless. The end user now has complete freedom to manage the clock from the application or from the Lynx software mixer.

Other new features and capabilities of the Lynx OSX Core Audio driver are:

The ability to store and recall complete mixer scenes and settings.

Full real-time metering and volume control using the Lynx Mixer

Monitoring with virtually no latency

Full mixing and routing capabilities using the Lynx Mixer.

The OSX driver is now shipping with all AES16, LynxTWO and L22 interfaces. Current owners can download the driver free of charge from the Lynx website at:

Lynx Studio Technology L22:

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