Creamware releases the Profit-5 for Scope and Noah

Profit-5. The Reincarnation of a Milestone in Synthesizer History

Profit-5 is a 1:1 reproduction of the first fully storable polyphonic analog synthesizer on the CreamWare SCOPE platform and the NOAH synthesizer.

Again, CreamWare Audio have taken the long road: After an in-depth analysis, the circuitry of the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer was transferred to the modern DSP platform using our Circuit Modeling technology.

This allowed for a realistic emulation of the distinct sonic behavior of this classic machine down to the minutest details using modern technology. A comparison will convince even the most analytical listener of the fact that the Profit-5 sound is amazingly close to the original, producing exactly the polyphonic characteristic Prophet sound

The Profit-5 is an exclusive instrument for the SCOPE-platform systems and the NOAH synthesizer. Now available at a special introductory price of just 149 EUR (valid thru August 31, 2004) at your dealer or in the Creamware Online Shop.

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