Edirol UA-25 now shipping!

Edirol’s new UA-25 USB Audio/MIDI Interface announced earlier in July is now available for purchase. The UA-25 is the latest addition to Edirol’s legacy of high-quality USB Audio technology which began in 1998 with the world’s first USB Audio/MIDI Interface – the UA-100.

The UA-25, packaged in a durable metal casing, is bus-powered and transports both audio and MIDI signals to and from the computer all through a single USB connection. It offers phantom power mic preamps on the TRS/XLR combo inputs for use with premium microphones; a Hi-Z switch to bring a guitar or bass in without the need for a direct box; Digital In to bring in DAT and Mini Disc, RCA, TRS Balanced, and Digital Output to send the signal to any audio destination. Adding quality to this flexibility, the UA-25 offers balanced +4 dBu inputs & outputs. In addition, the UA-25 includes a Direct Monitoring switch that allows the user to hear the recording in real time, as well as a “MONO” setting to hear phasing issues or monitor a single source through both the left and right headphone.

The most differentiating feature on the UA-25 is the “Limiter” function which adds mild compression to the analog inputs. This reduces the likelihood of clipping and makes the UA-25 the best audio interface for remote recording where a clean audio recording is a must and a second take is not an option. With advanced power circuitry and a low-noise, wide-range power supply, the UA-25 achieves the highest quality in a USB-powered audio interface.

As always, Edirol has paid particular attention in crafting powerful, stable, low-latency audio drivers for the UA-25 on both Windows and Mac operating systems, including direct support for ASIO2.0, WDM, Core Audio, and OS native drivers.

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