Silverspike releases reverb and room simulator R2

Silverspike has released new reverb and room simulator R2. After two years of research and development Silverspike is proud to present it’s new reverb engine which forms the core component of R2. Authentic, high quality room simulation and reverberation delivered with low CPU consumption make it the ideal reverb for many applications.

Two sound sources and a stereo microphone can be positioned in the room using a graphical control. Moreover, the frequency response can be adjusted separately for early and late reflections giving maximum control on the quality and characteristics of the room. Last but not least, a sophisticated mixer lets you easily control pan, stereowidth and signal levels for dry and direct signals as well as early and late reflections.

R2 is available for the Windows/VST platform and is priced at 99 USD. It can be purchased online at the Silverspike website. For more information visit A Mac OS X version will be available soon.

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