Stanton and Native Instruments announce FinalScratch 2

Stanton® presents the ground-breaking FinalScratch® 2 system. The hardware core is the brand-new ScratchAmp 2 – a FireWire® sound card that delivers maximum audio throughput with minimal latency. The ScratchAmp 2 comes armed with an extensive array of inputs and outputs, including MIDI connections, and the industry-standard 24-bit/96kHz converters ensure studio-quality sound.

Stanton is presenting its brand-new FinalScratch® 2 digital DJ system, comprising of the newly developed FireWire® ScratchAmp 2 and the new NI software TRAKTOR FS 2. Simultaneously, Native Instruments is announcing its latest TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 which will be fully compatible to the FinalScratch® 2 hardware, opening new dimensions in digital DJ mixing.

* FinalScratch 2 includes:

ScratchAmp 2 – external audio interface for FinalScratch 2 with:

– 2 phono inputs

– 2 line inputs

– 2 thru’ inputs

– 1 auxillary input

– 1 mic input

– MIDI input

– 2 Line Outputs

– MIDI output

– 2 headphone outputs with independent volume control

– independent gain controls

– 2 FireWire Ports

– power supply


– 3 FS 2 vinyl records (with embedded timecode)

– 4 RCA cables and 1 FireWire cable

Furthermore, Stanton will be taking over the worldwide distribution of TRAKTOR DJ Studio to ensure optimal placement within the DJ market. For more information on Traktor FS 2 visit:

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