Mindprint announces TRIO, a channelstrip and more


TRIO is the complete recording solution with MindPrint-Sound channelstrip plus all essential studio features!


TRIO is the perfect add-on solution for any musician who wants to produce professional results with easy operation.

Why will TRIO be a big success?

TRIO is a new sophisticated turnkey solution, appealing to any computer-based home recorder at a very competitive price-point.

T.R.I.O combines all essential outboard components for professional computer recording in just one box. T.R.I.O features a complete channel strip with EQ and Compressor for microphone and instrument recordings, an additional stereo line input with EQ, and an extra AUX input for CD player or similar. What’s more, T.R.I.O sports the complete monitoring section of a mixing desk: latency-free monitoring, talkback with integrated microphone, MONO and DIM functions, outputs for 3 pairs of speakers, 2 independent headphone amps – and a dedicated overall volume knob. The on-board digital interface simplifies the integration with any digital setup.

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