Sonalksis releases multi-band dynamics plug-ins

Sonalksis released CQ1 Multi-Band Compander and DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser for Mac OS X in both VST and AudioUnits formats. The CQ1 is a multi-band frequency-selective dynamics processor, allowing independent compression or expansion of four freely adjustable filter bands. The DQ1 dynamic-equaliser is an extremely versatile processing tool that can be used for precision sculpting, creative moulding, ambient enhancement or restoration.

The CQ1 and DQ1 belong to a new family of audio processors whose lineage extends from both dynamics and frequency based signal processing, creating hybrids with extended flexibility in applications, and enabling new possibilities in precision sound sculpting. The CQ1 and DQ1 provide opposing approaches to this ‘dynamic equalisation’, thus complimenting each other perfectly.

CQ1 & DQ1 are VST and AU compatible. Each plugin costs 229 euros and the bundle CQ1 & DQ1 costs 359 euros. Demo versions are available at

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