D16 announces Phoscyon, a new TB303 clone

A polish group of designers and musicians, called D16, developed a TB303 clone. When listening to their audio samples we were quite amazed by the great sound of this clone. The VSTi is still in development but a final release should be within the coming few months.

Phoscyon perfectly emulates original synthesis, especially untypical lowpass filters with 18dB/oct slope and constant Q in frequency domain. It contains also extended arpeggiator (irreplaceable in electronic music) and integrated splendidly adapted distortion effect without which the Acid music practically doesn’t exists.

There is yet no information on a final release date and pricing. We will let you know as soon as we here more from the people at D16. For sound samples of the Phoscyon please visit www.phoscyon.d16.pl

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