52 vintage synths for a small price

Not real ones of course. This is Vintage Synth Trumps, a deadly serious card game for vintage synth enthusiasts featuring 52 classic instruments. Test your knowledge and settle those arguments once and for all with the synth-spotter’s equivalent
of arm-wrestling.

Can you use your skill and judgment to win the whole pack from your opponents and become the undisputed champion of vintage synth wisdom?

Playing is easy. Simply divide the cards between the number of players before taking it in turns to read aloud a statistic from your card.

For example, “Korg PS3300 – Collectability = 5 out of 5”. Everyone then compares the card on the top of their hand and the highest scoring instrument in that category wins that round. The person who gains all the cards wins.

So next time your kids pester you for a card game, extract revenge with
Vintage Synth Trumps (not available from any good department stores near you).

The perfect kitsch gift for trade shows, long flights, forum banter, pub quizzes, train journeys and all round anorak type showing-off.

Buy your pack of Vintage Synth Trumps for only £7.95 at www.gmediamusic.com

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