Karma Lab releases KARMA Triton 1.3 and MW 1.3

Karma Lab has KARMA Triton 1.3 released, with full support for the TRITON Extreme. Free updates for registered owners of KT and KARMA MW. The main new feature is that KARMA Triton 1.3 includes full support for the Korg Triton EXTREME. KARMA Triton now works with all Korg Triton models, including the Classic 61, Pro 76, ProX 88, Studio 61/76/88, Extreme 61/76/88, LE 61/76/88, and the Triton Rack. In addition, numerous performance enhancements have been incorporated into both versions.

Both the updates for Triton and MW are FREE for registered owners of KARMA MW 1.x and Triton 1.x. The installer requires that a copy of KARMA MW 1.x respectively Triton 1.x already be installed on your hard drive.

For more information and downloads of the updates visit: www.karma-lab.com

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