djDecks v0.66 released

This new version again brings a lot of improvements and new features. The vinyl control has been extended with VirtualDJ and SSL records, pitch and synchronization are more stable for all supported records (FinalScratch, VDJ, SSL and MsPinky) FinalScratch, VDJ and SSL can now also be used withouth phono pre-amps by using the new callibration feature. Other improvements include reading of wma tag, improved column mode for the playlist and library, autoscroll option for tag fields, and various bug fixes.

-Fixed: Relative/Absolute mode bug in FS mode

-Fixed: Bug when windows username contained a ‘:’ character

-Fixed: Master->Left, Cue->Right output mode works correctly in ASIO mode now

-Fixed: Small ID3 tag from filename bug fixed (track number correctly identified now)

-Fixed: Small bug with the time display (time didn’t change between -02:00.0 and -01:59.5)

-Fixed: Equalizer: Small bug that could decrease sound level 1dB when an eq band was killed

-Improved: Pitch and synchronization are a lot more stable with FS/MsPinky/SSL/VDJ control vinyls

-Improved: Volume ramping in ASIO mode (less clicks/pops when changing volume very fast)

-Improved: Loading songs in ASIO mode should go faster now

-Improved: Better skin drawing performance

-Improved: Hercules DJ Console: Use jog wheel while pressing monitor button to increase or decrease headphone volume

-Improved: Hercules DJ Console: Hold Cue button for more than 2 seconds to select Line In mode

-Improved: Hercules DJ Console: Hold Pitch Reset button for more than 2 seconds to enable/disable FinalScratch

-Improved: Gain is now applied to headphones volume as well

-Improved: Equalizer frequency response is shown in the effects window

-Added: Switch between Mono and Stereo output (Mono uses less memory and less cpu power)

-Added: Some new skin items to change playlist colors/fonts in your own skin, as well as real rotating knobs

-Added: VirtualDJ record support and Serato Scratch Live (CV01) record support

-Added: Calibration button for FinalScratch (allows to use finalscratch withouth a pre-amp)

-Added: WMA Tags can be read now as well

-Added: Column titles are now shown in playlist column mode, and columns can be resized

-Added AutoScroll option for title info field

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